You want MORE?


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Happy Leap Day, everyone!

Since 2016 was kind enough to give us a little more time, I say we make 2016 the year of MORE. Personally, I want more of lots of things. I want to get outside more. I want to spend more time with people I care about. I want to work harder. I want more closet space!

Though I suppose I would settle for worrying about the future less and being in the present more. That would be nice.


Jess15 Jess10 Jess8 Jess7 Jess5 Jess1

On the morning these particular pictures were taken, I wanted more brunch.

And guess what? I got it!

2016 is off to a smashing start.

What do you want more of?


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Jess’s November Budget

In an extremely shocking twist, I managed to go hog wild on Black Friday (including a trip to the Mall of America!) and STILL stayed under budget.

Of course, none of my massive online orders are included in this total, because they have yet to arrive… so basically it’s like they don’t even exist yet. Hah!

November Budget

Reindeer Sweater – Loft – $29.75

Sweater Dress – Loft – $44.75

Utility Blouse – Loft – $24.75

Pocket Blouse – Loft – $24.75

Dolman Top – White Plum – $13.60


Total: $137.60


You may notice that the vast majority of these items (ie, everything except the top from White Plum) came from LOFT. Zero shame there – I’m finally getting into the groove with Loft’s sizing, and I may or may not have placed another large order on Cyber Monday during their fantastic 50% off everything (and free shipping) sale. Like I mentioned before, I am sloppy-kisses-in-love with the reindeer sweater – it is SO SOFT and SO CUTE and basically everything I ever wanted to wear on Christmas day. The rest of my haul this month is a pretty accurate snapshot of how my wardrobe is trending these days – neutral, with an emphasis on grays and creams, and lots of burgundy. Look for more of the same coming up later this week!

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