The Reality of the Situation

What are arms and how do I stand? Has my knee always bent like that?

If I had to describe my personal style (and seeing as this is a fashion blog, I suppose that I do) in one word, it would be: mercurial. If I had more words at my disposal, I’d call it “classic with a twist”. I tend to dress how I’m feeling, but I favor more timeless silhouettes with the odd curveball thrown in there.

I’m a latecomer to this whole fashion game. Growing up with two brothers, I was much more concerned with who could beat who in a fight (the answer is always me- I’m scrappy!) and which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was the best (Raphel, naturally) than figuring out which foundation matches my skin or how curling irons work (still in the dark on that one, tbh). I have never been the girl with perfectly coiffed hair and flawless matching accessories, but over the last few years I have slowly been piecing together the most polished version of me.

Most days, you will find me rocking some variant of “off duty model chic”: basic top, dark skinnies, oversized sunglasses, and a bit of flair (In my case, “flair” usually means a pair of funky shoes). If this look were a car, it would be the base model that has all of the basic amenities and like, one super cool thing like a sunroof or a James Bond ejector seat (hey, a girl can dream). It’s a look that is easy to build upon in any season. You can show off your personality with fun accessories, dress it up with heels and jewelry, or add a blazer and say hello to casual Friday.

To paraphrase the words of a great man and butcher them for my own nefarious purposes: Ask not what your basics can do for you, ask what you can do to your basics!

These aren’t your granny’s flats… #YikesSpikes

Tank Top | Jeans | Sunglasses (similar) | Shoes (similar)

Style Starting Point


This is what I look like most days.

Hair up, skinny jeans, drape-y top. In fact, I own this shirt and these pants in 3 and 2 colors, respectively. In my defense, I work at a school. During the summer, when all the kids are on vacation, we all revert to casual dress. And when I say casual, I mean show-up-in-shorts-and-yoga-pants casual. I’m not great at getting that casual (not even in my own home – case in point, it’s 10 on a Sunday night and I’m still in jeans and jewelry…), but I’m not about to show up in a dry clean only skirt and heels when everyone else is wearing t-shirts, so here we are.




Thankfully, I love this look. I look casual-office-polished, but I basically feel like I’m wearing pajamas. And I love that by switching up the accessories and adding a jacket, I can turn my 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts into… honestly… at least 2 outfits a week. #sorrynotsorry

Shirt | Pants | Necklace (altered to my own tastes) | Earrings