Sundresses Deserve An Award For Not Being Pants

FBC- Emily's Gingham dress

I love pants. I really do! But in the long, hot days of summer the very thought of encasing my legs in fabric makes me sweat so hard it comes out of other people’s pores. And you know what? I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment. Judging by the font of memes dedicated to the subject, I think we can all agree that there are just some days where the best pants are no pants. So what’s a girl to do? Cue the sundress, my friend.

FBC- Emily's Gingham Dress

It’s light. It’s breezy. It pairs perfectly with a cute pair of sandals (the foot’s version of the sundress). Most importantly, it’s not a pair of pants (or “cotton/polyester leg prisons” for my fellow sweat sisters). In addition, it’s incredibly versatile. Heading to the office? Throw on a cardigan to ward off overzealous A/C units. Grabbing brunch? Add a funky statement necklace or a lightweight scarf. Date night? Make it flirty with a pair of heels or wedges.


Speaking of accessories, choosing the right necklace or scarf can be a challenge when you’re dealing with a patterned dress. If art school taught me anything (you know, besides how to multitask on zero sleep) it’s that a little basic color theory is the easiest way to make an impact. The hues of orangey-coral in the dress and the shades of blue in the statement necklace compliment each other and assure that each piece reads separately while working harmoniously together. Neat, right?


Dress (similar) (similar 2) | Belt (similar) | Necklace (similar) (similar 2) | Sandals

Sunday Sale-abration!

Sundays are the most fun/un-fun day of the week.  Pros: sleeping in, brunches, general lazing about; Con: being the closest to Monday you can get without actually being Monday.

One more Pro to add to the Sunday list; lots and lots o’ sales! So check out what items the ladies of Fashion by Committee are lusting after, and finish your week with a happy closet and an intact bank account.  The weekend has to end sometime; you might as well look cute at the wake.

Loft is offering 50% select full price items and all sale items right now with the code Heatwave. I may have grabbed this shirtthis linen tee, AND this necklace yesterday in the store (I am just lucky there was less in my size, or I would have done some serious damage).  The best part about this sale is that because Loft has their fall items in store now, most of their summer line is half off so you can grab great deals on styles you can still rock for at least another month and a half!


This dress is perfect to transition into fall. Just pair it with a drapey jacket, a cute scarf and some brown booties and you are good to go!


Banana Republic is also 40% off select full-price styles and 50% off women’s sale items  (Literally, is there anything more beautiful than the phrase “50% off sale”? It’s like poetry to me…). When it comes to those closet essentials you are always needing more of, no one does it better than Banana.  I mean, I’ll take one of these racerback tanks in every color please (and at half off $20 each, I could actually afford to). I am also kind of obsessed with their soft-wash button down shirts, like this striped one here, so easy to tuck into a pencil skirt for work or tie over a maxi dress for the weekend.  Stock up on those basics, you won’t regret it.

Or just say “screw basics” and buy this adorable ruffled mini skirt. I would 100% support that decision.


J. Crew Factory is offering 40% off tops online only.  I literally have this gorgeous floral print top and this olive green blouse sitting in my shopping cart ready to press “buy”. I don’t know about you, but I am notorious for buying skirts, shorts, etc. and totally neglecting to buy tops to go with them (which is, you know, kind of necessary…) so this sale is perfect for me.

Even better, I can run away to the clearance section and grab these insanely cute polka dot shorts…wait, what was I saying?


Finally, if you are a sucker for shoes (Emily, I am talking to you.), DSW is having a 60% off summer styles sale event. I actually just picked up these amazing peep toe booties earlier today (they weren’t on sale, but I could not resist!), and they have a ton of fantastic shoes and purses to accessorize all the outfits you can put together with the items you bought at the sales above (see what I did there?). I mean seriously, if you have the willpower to walk away from these brown stacked heels (love the detailing!), these totally badassed studded leopard print flats or this quilted bucket bag at these prices, please teach me your ways. Until then, happy shopping!