They Call Me Mellow Yellow


I have a LOT of black in my wardrobe. I could easily could blame it on my art major background (so moody, so deep, so easy to hide charcoal smudges) or my incredibly unfortunate punk rock phase in high school (I mean, there was obviously SO much to rebel against in middle class suburbia…), but the truth is: black is my favorite color. It’s chic, it’s sophisticated, and it goes with everything. That being said, when you wear all black all the time, people tend to assume you’re Wednesday Addams… So, over the past few years I have endeavored to add some color and punchy pop to my wardrobe.


Because I am so pale I make Snow White look tan, I have to be extremely careful when wearing certain colors. For example, if I pick the wrong shade of yellow, I can go from porcelain to freshly bitten zombie-to-be faster than you can say “mmmm… brains”. So, I was a bit leery of this skirt (which I grabbed on clearance from an Ann Taylor outlet, just fyi) to say the least. But Jeanne and Jess insisted that I was being ridiculous and I should try it on (because, hello? polka dots). And you know what? They were right and I was wrong (yeah, I said it). Not only is this pencil skirt super adorable (did I mention the polka dots?), it is work appropriate in the most festively summer way imaginable.


Obviously when you’re rocking a skirt this bright the question becomes, “What do I even wear this with?”. I say if you’re feeling confident (and with this skirt how could you not be?) why not get crazy and start mixing patterns? Here, I’ve paired my polka dot skirt with my favorite striped top from H&M. This combo works because the navy and yellow pair well together and the polka dots and stripes are both white. A white pearl necklace and nude flats help to ground the look and keep the focus on the patterns.


Top | Skirt (similar) | Necklace | Flats (similar)

Confession Time


Confession 1: Patterns are a new thing for me this year. Previously I would attempt a patterned scarf, maaaaybe a cheap-o plaid flat, but the thought of shelling out for a whole patterned top was TERRIFYING for me. I don’t know what my problem was. Because judging by how much I love this shirt (and how freaking cute it is), it was definitely a problem. Plus, tassels. Win.

Confession 2: There are no words for how much I adore aviators, especially with ultra-reflective lenses. These are basically my dream sunglasses. Gold frames, ridiculous green mirrored lenses? SIGN ME UP. Only don’t, because sunglasses are absolutely never going to make my list of “things I am willing to spend over $50 on, let alone over $150”. (Case in point: these are from Old Navy, and skimmed the top end of my sunglasses budget at $17.)

Confession 3: I’m wearing sunglasses in all of these pictures because my eyeshadow was creasing and my super-genius solution was to vigorously scrub it all off with my fingers. #truthtalk #yesiuseprimer

Confession 4: It’s 96 degrees outside in these pictures. I’m wearing a cardigan. Like legitimately, didn’t strip it off immediately after these pictures were taken, was wearing it before the camera even appeared, wearing a cardigan. This is because not only am I one of those whack-a-loons who is ALWAYS cold, but I live my life in a series of ultra-air-conditioned offices, restaurants, cars, and homes. Thanks, Missouri.

Confession 5: Someday I will remember to take the ubiquitous black hair binder off my wrist before taking a picture. Today is not that day. Tomorrow isn’t looking too good, either.

Summer Look


Shirt | Pants | Cardigan | Shoes (similar) | Earrings | Sunglasses (similar, in my preferred price point)