3 Girls, 1 Item


One of the biggest reasons we all decided to get together and start this blog (besides our obnoxiously large egos) is that somehow, despite the fact that we all seem to shop at the same stores (and often buy the exact same items), we all have very unique styles.  We figured the best way to take advantage of that was to put together three very different looks all showcasing one item we all 3 own.  It is shocking how often our closets inadvertently overlap, so you’ll be seeing a lot of these posts…

The first item we styled is a super versatile oatmeal open weave sweater from Gap (Well, Gap outlet to be precise).  This sweater is pretty wearable year round, and can be worn for literally any occasion.  It is easy to throw it on with a lace pencil skirt and some fun heels for a polished but personality-filled work look, as seen on Jeanne:





You can pair it with some flattering dark dress pants, a tortoise shell necklace (tortoise shell is the new neutral, people!) and some gold flats for a more casual but fierce Friday look, a la Jess:






Or you can tone down a super bright colored dressed by tying it at the waist for an easy but totally hot date night look, as rocked by Emily:





If we knew we wouldn’t get caught, we may actually try to wear this sweater every day. Alas, society says we must change our clothes (Thanks a lot, society!) so we limit its wearing to once a week and spend the other 6 days styling it for the next time.



Sweater (It comes in so many colors!)


Skirt | Necklace | Shoes Similar Similar 2


Shoes | Pants | Necklace Similar 1 Similar 2


Dress Similar Similar 2 | Shoes Similar

Just a Girl and Her Closet


Guys, this is my model pose. Nailed it, amiright?
Guys, this is my model pose. Nailed it, amiright?

I’ve never really thought of myself as having a “style” when it comes to clothes, I tend to just wear what feels good and makes me smile when I pass by my reflection.  I guess the best description I could come up with is “Playfully Feminine” . I love messing around with patterns, colors, textures and whatever else I can put together to mix and match the items in my closet (relatively) successfully.  While I do follow fashion trends like a well-dressed (if a bit confused) hawk, when it comes to my own look, I tend to forgo whatever is the most “fashionable” season to season and choose to stick with the styles that flatter and fit me best (Plus this way, I don’t have to reinvent my closet every few months…A girl has to eat).

One relative consistent within my wardrobe is I gravitate towards dresses and skirts over pants. Basically, I realized a few years ago that dresses and skirts are the closest I can get to wearing PJs outside while still appearing polished and put-together and I haven’t looked back since. A fun game to play: take a shot for every post I am wearing pants in this year.  Fair bet you’ll be sober come December.

Why am I laughing, you may ask? Fair bet someone just said the word "poop".  #OscarWildeIAmNot.
Why am I laughing, you may ask? Fair bet someone just said the word “poop”. #OscarWildeIAmNot.

If you take anything from this (which, why would you, I’m not testing you), it is that I am still constantly evolving when it comes to my style and I firmly believe that is ok.  Well maybe not for my bank account, but if I ignore that it will go away, right?

Shirt | Skirt (Similar) | Shoes | Necklace (Similar)