A Little Morning Pick Me Up

We’ve all had one of those mornings where the alarm clock goes off…and goes off… and goes off… until suddenly your eyes snap open and you realize you’re going to be late. On mornings like these, it pays to have a couple of pieces in your wardrobe that you know you can reach for to pull together a look that makes your bedraggled butt look put together. And those pieces might look different to different people. For some people it’s a jacket or a dress. For me? Nothing beats a little chambray and pattern mixing. I know that I can close my eyes and pull any one of my *cough* five chambray shirts (I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want) out of my closet, toss on a print or two (Good rule of thumb for mixology? Grab one graphic and one organic) and somehow roll out of the house looking presentable. And guys? That’s worth at least 5 more minutes of sleep.

Cardigan: Target (similar)

Chambray shirt: Target (similar)

Skirt: Banana Republic Factory (similar)

Tassel necklace: gift

Leopard flats: Target

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie


Like any good little worker bee, my professional wardrobe is full of button downs, blouses, and sweaters and when it comes to being comfortably professional they get the job done (for the most part). But there are days when a button down is just too buttoned up, you know? When the day calls for you to run around like a madwoman or the temperature outside starts flirting with the heat wave record, a sweater can be suffocating even in the most arctic of A/C tundras (that’s right, even bird-boned, lizard people overheat sometimes). On days like these, it’s time to pull everyone’s favorite, good old, reliable utility player, the t-shirt off the bench and stick it in the game. Now, it’s dangerous for the t-shirt to venture into the workplace alone, so it’ll definitely need a little backup from its trusty friends the pencil skirt and the statement necklace. Together, they’re the perfect team to get you through a swampy workday (both in workload and in temperature).

Skirt: Express (similar)

Tshirt: Target

Flats: Target

Necklace: paperdolls boutique (similar)