First Impression

It’s funny how after all these years, I can still find myself surprised by an item of clothing. I like to think at this point I have a pretty good sense of what works on me and what doesn’t, but every so often, I am happily proven wrong. Take this dress for example: I am not a huge fan of maxi dresses on me (I love them on everyone else), I tend to avoid bigger patterns (again, huge fan in general, they just don’t work on me), and the overly blousely fit that is so popular with many usually ends up with me throwing an item in the “no” pile (aka, the pile of sad, rejected clothes in the corner of the dressing room. I always have such big dreams for those clothes, and they always let me down and deserve to be punished). So when I picked out this dress the other day, it was with a sense of resigned defeat; I loved it on the hanger, but I just knew it would be a dress meant for another girl, a luckier girl (a taller girl).

That being said, you can imagine my shock when I slipped this dress over my head, and not only did I not have piles of fabric gathered at my feet, but the print actually looked well proportioned and the waist hit at a totally flattering point! OK fine, you don’t have to imagine, but just trust me when I say I had approximately zero chill in that moment (and may have done a little happy dance….definitely don’t imagine that).

So here I stand, a lady in possession of a fabulous new dress and a valuable lesson; to assume makes an ass out of you and your closet! Yeah, pretty sure that’s how that saying goes….

Dress: Target x Who What Wear

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Heels: Circus by Sam Edelman

My White Knight

A little story for you all. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden named Jeanne. Jeanne had many lovely qualities, but one virtue she could not boast was a well-established sense of fashion. She found trends overwhelming, colors and patterns much too hard to bear, but most importantly, there was one sartorial enemy she could never best: the color white. No matter how hard she may try (and let’s be honest, she did not try that hard, trying was not cool at that age), she found the prospect of wearing white filled her with trepidation and fear; “it is so unflattering on me” she wept “plus, what about when I spill something?” (some things have changed, but when it comes to Jeanne being a klutz and spilling something on her clothes, it is really a “when, not if” situation). So Jeanne suffered in silence, wearing her dark colors and jewel tones, watching all of the other maidens frolic past in their beautiful white tops, pristine white denim and lovely white sundresses.

Then one day, our fair heroine realized these negative thoughts, while perhaps true years ago, really were no longer worth being afraid of any more. So she took a deep breath, grabbed a gorgeous white blouse, and tried it on. Lo and behold, it looked actually quite good! Jeanne had slayed her evil dragon and from that point on, she basically only wore white forever and ever, the end.

OK but seriously, while the maiden and dragon aspects of this story may be a bit exaggerated (but only a bit!), it is true that the idea of wearing white used to really intimidate me. I am not sure exactly when those fears faded away, but I can tell you with 100% certainty they are gone, and I have many, many photos (aka, the majority of the looks on this blog) to prove it. So let’s take a little stroll though all of my favorite white looks from the past year, and giggle together as we think of me actually trying to fight a dragon (unless it is a battle of words, then that dragon is going down!)