Princess Charming

It is not everyday that a girl has the opportunity to get all gussied up and go to the ball. But that is exactly what this girl did last weekend (except replace ball with gala; as much as I may pretend, I am not actually a Disney Princess).

I have to admit, as fun as it is to play dress up, I can often find the prospect a bit daunting for a few reasons. One is that while men basically only have a few options (business casual, suit, tux) there are multitudes of possibilities that fall under every category for women when it comes to casual versus semi-formal versus whatever the most recent made up dress code is (literally saw one the other day that said “Fancy Ranch”…what?). The pressure of figuring out exactly what the dress code means can make a girl think twice before accepting an elegant invitation! Lucky for me, I think this dress just may be a code breaker, so hopefully I will find myself fitting in with the in crowd.

Speaking of, the real reason getting fancy can make me feel anything but is that it just isn’t my normal state of being. I often feel like I am playing the part of someone who wears fine clothes and hob knobs with the crème de la crème, just waiting to spill that crème all over my nice outfit and reveal myself as an impostor. My way of fighting that perhaps silly notion is to make sure I add a few pieces to my ensemble that are just quintessentially Jeanne. Like these statement earrings and heels with just a bit of flair. That way, when I am feeling a bit like the pauper, I can look around and remember that really we’re all just playing dress up and deep down, we would much rather be at home in sweats watching Netflix, like a true 21st century princess.


Dress: Nanette Lepore c/o Byrd Boutique (Similar 1Similar 2)

Earrings: BaubleBar

Heels: Fergalicious

Clutch: Forever 21 (Similar)

The New Romantics

Judging by the number of extremely pointed jewelry commercials hitting the airwaves (“you’ve been together a long time… like, a long, long time… like a loooooooong, long time…hint, hint”) and the sudden infestation of hearts on basically everything, it must be time for everyone’s favorite February holiday! That’s right, President’s Day is just around the corner! Just kidding… Yes, Valentine’s Day is next week and we don’t know about you, but we’re just a pair of girls standing in front of their closets asking for them to magically have the perfect outfit. Luckily for us, our friends at Paisley Boutique have all of the cutest styles (you know, if looking like a really hip, cool girl is your chosen aesthetic), so we won’t be standing there for long!


Whether you’re looking to amp up date night or just looking to avoid the pink/red vibe, a monochromatic look with subtle metallic accents is a perfectly understated and chic way to stand out in a sea of lace and tulle. These gray jeans are as comfortable as they are cute and we love the way this flowing blouse plays with the structure of the rest of the look (they were on to something when they said opposites attract). And can we get a round of applause for that bag already? So. flipping. CUTE.

Monochrome not your thing or maybe you’re in search of something a tad dressier? We love the crazy flattering drape on this burgundy bodycon dress! These taupe peep-toe high-heeled bootie-mules (a term we just made up) and cool accessories like these geometric cage earrings and blue leather wristlet ensure that this look is just as unexpected and cool as it is flirty and fierce.

Everything (except for Jeanne’s shoes) can currently be found at Paisley Boutique:

233 W. Lockwood, St. Louis, MO 63119