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Hey guys, we’re Jeanne, Jess and Emily, the 3 fabulous members of “Fashion by Committee”. You may be asking “Ladies” (to which we reply “Yes?” while lowering our sunglasses and looking over our shoulders breezily…) “Ladies, why did you three decide to start a fashion blog in a world where there’s already so many?”

“Well” (We say with our heads held high) “to get rich and famous, obviously!”

No we kid (often). We decided to form this blog when as three good friends, we noticed that while we all may shop at the same places, we have 3 completely different styles. That got us thinking, why not join together and show that dressing on a budget can work for all looks, styles and needs. Plus, we like each other and love fashion!

And hey, if we become millionaires, so be it.

So I hope you grow to love this little committee we’ve put together and have as much fun looking over our site as we had making it!

Get To Know the Committee Members!

Jeanne: Hello to all my new internet friends! I feel as if we have known each other for years.  Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite time wasting website! I am an avid time-waster myself, so please know you are in good hands.

I am a midwest girl, born and raised, and I currently live in St. Louis, MO. with my husband and our dog, Talullah. My love of fashion came late in life (My friends used to call me Doug Funnie because I had literally 20 versions of the same outfit…), but I like to think that I am making up for lost time.  I am also a serious theater nerd, and watch what some might call an “unhealthy” amount of TV (I’m getting a second opinion).  I am sassy to a fault and am unsure what “tact” is,  so if this all sounds up your alley, I think you may have come to the right place.


Jess: Hey all! I’m still figuring out this whole “dressing myself” concept and I’m super psyched to be working through the process here online with all of you!

Like everyone else, I’m a midwesterner, though I hail from the cold tundra of Minnesota. My husband and I recently relocated to St. Paul, MN after a 6 year stint in St. Louis.  We are staying with my parents, along with our dog Gouda, and a herd of three deeply flawed and quirky cats. I live to bake, search for houses on Zillow I will never own, and create complicated color coded spreadsheets in a vain attempt to sort out my life.


Emily: Well, hello there! If I were a celebrity or a princess in the middle ages, I’d have people to dress me. Alas, I am not either of those things and am simply a grown woman trying her best. If you appreciate sarcasm, self deprecation, and a struggle that is oh so real- friend, you have come to the right place!

Surprise, surprise- I, too, am a midwesterner! I was born, raised, and aged like fancy cheese in St. Louis, MO, where I still reside with my cats, Butch Catsidy and the Sundance Kitteh (precious, I know). I am the group’s resident Single Lady (Yes, I capitalized that- all hail, Beyonce!) and awkward dance maven. When I’m not obsessing over typography, I can be found binge watching my favorite show of the moment, nursing my caffeine dependency, or spouting off dinosaur trivia.

2 thoughts on “About Us

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