If there is one word I have come to hate, despise and loathe, it is the word “Millennial”. Every day we hear a news story about how millennials are lazy, misinformed, over-demanding and under-performing. Ask any non-millennial to describe our generation, and you’ll be drawn a picture of young person staring at their phone with a unicorn frap in one hand, a participation trophy in the other, and in a (heretofore unexplained) third hand, a sign complaining about having to be faced with an opinion we don’t want to hear.

Look, stereotypes are just that, types. They can never properly represent a group of people, much less an entire population of individuals born between a 15 year range. And while I hate the bad press we receive, something I think I hate even more is the advertising. I mean, there are thousands upon thousands of think pieces proclaiming the fact that our generation sees right through companies pandering to us, and yet for some reasons they still try. One of the worst offenders? Whoever decided to name the color I am wearing “Millennial Pink”.

Now we all know blush is making a comeback in a way no color ever has in my short (and apparently #blessed) lifetime. And I am the first to admit I am susceptible to its charms. But amongst my many protest signs, please know that one of them reads “Sink Millennial Pink and Bring Back Blush” (even when protesting, I cannot resist a good rhyme or strong alliteration). Because while blush deserves everything it has achieved, Millennial Pink is something I want nowhere near my little snowflake existence. So please, everyone, just leave blush be and keep the millennial hyperbole to those things that deserve it, like technology, innovation, and memes (you know, the important stuff).


Top: Target (Similar)

Jeans: LOFT (Limited SizesSimilar)

Earrings: Charming Charlie (In Stores, Similar)

Mules: Vince (Similar 1Similar 2)

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