Gloomsday Prepper

Few things make me crankier than being cold or unprepared (when I’m unprepared to be cold, you better watch out…), so I usually try to be ready for anything. Blame it on my parents (who always told me to bring more socks and underwear than I needed on any trip) or my not-so-brief stint in the Girl Scouts (who always told me to always take a buddy and never venture into the woods alone #SSDGM), but this is one girl who’s almost always got whatever it is you’re looking for in her Mary Poppins bag. Lotion? Got it. Change for a dollar? You bet. Period supplies? Girl, please. Kleenex? It’s snot for you, it’s for me. This same over-preparedness also applies to my desk at work (stick on mustaches are essential to breaking up a mundane Monday), my car (basically a Room of Requirement on Wheels), and of course, my wardrobe. I’m hyper sensitive to being cold, so indoor fans and A/C units are basically the arch nemesis of my spring and summer. Yeah, I’m that clown wearing a hoodie indoors despite the fact that it’s a billion degrees outside. So when I head out, I almost always either wear a light scarf or toss a cardigan in my bag… and if you ask nicely, I might share the jacket I keep in the car with you because friends don’t let friends become pal-sicles.

Tee: Target

Jeans: American Eagle

Scarf: Banana Republic (similar)

Shoes: DSW

Sunglasses: LOFT (similar)

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