Mother Knows Best

There are many certainties in this world that cannot be denied. If you are wearing white, you will spill coffee on yourself. The one day you have fun outdoor plans, it absolutely will rain. And the most irrefutable of all: your mom is always, ALWAYS right. Yes, no matter how much we kids may hate to admit it, mothers tend to speak the truth and there is really nothing we can do about it. Don’t bring a coat? You’re gonna be cold. Didn’t remember to grab breakfast? Get outta the way people, because you will be snapping at someone. Forgot to schedule a haircut? That’s the day you get that surprise interview for your dream job. We can try to deny it, but we will be the ones left cold, hungry, shaggy, and sad.

A piece of advice my lovely and wonderful mother always gave me was “If you love something, buy it in multiple colors”. I used to think that was so silly, I mean, who needs 3 of the exact same dress in different colors? And yet, here I stand, a girl who owns the same dress in 3 different colors.

This dress (and its black and red/black striped cohorts) is my #1 throw on and go piece. It’s like a blank canvas, I can easily dress it up or down and it always seems to look flattering no matter how many tacos I ate before (or while…) wearing it. So thanks mom, for always seeming to know best. Maybe if I am lucky, I too will one day have that superpower and a little one of my very own to resent me for it (cue “Circle of Life” music….). Until then, I have my 3 dresses, my coat, and a snack always on hand to tide me over.

And to all our wonderful Mommas out there, thanks for always being right (and only rarely rubbing it in…) and Happy Mother’s Day!

Dress: Old Navy

Necklace: World Market (Similar)

Jean Jacket: Old Navy

Wedges: Steve Madden

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