Loose-y Goose-y

When it comes to fit, I’m a big fan of playing with scale and proportion to find what works best for my frame. If I’m wearing an oversized sweater, you best believe I’ll be pairing it with a pair of the tightest pants my chicken legs can carry. Flowing trousers? They obviously call for a tight top. And as a general rule of thumb, I tend to avoid most things that can’t be nipped, cinched, or belted at my smallest point: my waist. Things without waists tend to make me look like a waif child, and things with drop waists make me look like a Peanuts character. For me, it’s a pretty safe bet that something, somewhere along the line is going to be fitted. But you know what? Sometimes it pays to loosen the reins a little bit and relax into a well… relaxed fit! I’ve always loved the roomy versatility of this chambray shirt (I mean, I’ve only worn it about a million time like here, here, here, and here) and these shorts have their own easy flow. They’re the perfect combo- polished enough for a casual Sunday brunch and roomy enough to accommodate all that brunching…

Chambray shirt: Target (similar)

Scallop shorts: Francesca’s (similar)

Gray/White Starburst sneakers: Keds (similar)

Black floppy wool hat: Kohl’s (similar)

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