Stop, Crop, And Roll

When it comes to trends, I’m either right on them (hello bomber jackets!), or I catch up to them a little bit later. It’s like waiting for the next update after the latest iPhone launch – let someone else be the guinea pig and work out the bugs, you know? And let’s be real, not every trend that trots down the runway is a good one. Like, do I need to wear mom jeans with plastic knee panels? No, thanks, I’m good Topshop. Sheepskin lined sandal boots? Ehhhhh, hard pass there Ugg AND Teva. Oh and anything with a drop crotch?

Why? Why are we so hellbent on making our crotches long and our legs short? Why do we do this? There just seem to be so many things that are these popular, viral hits (regardless of whether they’re actually any good or not) that is makes a girl wary of anything that everybody is doing.  So, while everyone else was rocking tiny tops a season or two ago, I’m just now warming up to a flashing a little midriff. Now, I have to admit I don’t know what took me so long! (That’s a lie, I totally do, it was a big plate of nachos) There’s just something really delightful about a loose crop top and a flouncy, high waisted skirt. It’s not fussy, its not formal, it’s just fun.


(Also, you guys, should I dye my hair red? Because I feel like I need to dye my hair red… #LittleMermaidVibes)

Striped mini-skirt: Express (similar)

Black crop top: Windsor

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Yellow lace-up flats: Old Navy

Reflective cat eye sunglasses: Geranium (similar)

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