The Itty Bitty Midi Committee

As a female who exists on the more petite side of the spectrum, I can sometimes have trouble styling midi skirts. It is easy for the volume and length of the skirt to totally overwhelm my frame, leaving me looking less like a well-dressed lady and more like a head with legs (the torsoless horsewoman, while perhaps less infamous, can still strike fear into the hearts of many a traveler).

My instinct when it comes to combatting this issue is usually to keep my top structured, to try and create a clear delineation. However, just this once, I am completely and totally wrong (which I had to learn the hard way after trying on literally every structured top I own…). Instead, I realized that if I keep the top a more casual, I get the silhouette I am looking for without drawing too much addition to my smaller stature.  And then I can twirl around in my pretty skirt (that is basically the love child of a petticoat and something one would wear to salsa dance) to my heart’s content!


Top: Target (Similar)

Skirt: J. Crew

Necklace: Target (Similar 1Similar 2)

Heels: Old Navy

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