Wild Rompus

There are some trends that are just super easy to get into. Like athleisure! What’s that? The whole point of this trend is to run around in cute yoga pants all day and be super comfy? Sign me the eff up. Other trends? Well, some of them are just about as challenging as the math portion on any standardized test (otherwise known as, “Well, I’ve never seen THAT symbol before…”). One such tricky trend for me has been the jumpsuit’s playful little sister, the romper. I swear it takes all of the challenges that come with finding the perfect jumpsuit and compounds them by being shorter. I mean, with jumpsuits it’s bad enough that the odd proportions could give you camel toe and high water pants, but rompers? Have your shorts ever become so short it looks like you’re wearing an odd, full body diaper? I have. It was not cute. Nevertheless, I have continued season after season to scour the globe (or at least the fashion retailers in the St. Louis area) for the perfect romper, and guys? I think I’ve done it. This little dreamsicle of a number from the Victoria Beckham x Target collaboration (See? I told you it was the best collab ever) hits every bullet on my checklist: Shorts that aren’t too short? Check. Fun color?  Check! Cute detail (hello scallops!)? Check-a-rooney. Belt that gives me a waist and thus negates any four-year-old-in-a-playsuit vibes? Checkity check check. Pockets? Uh yeah, that’ll be a big ol’ CHECK there, good buddy! Oh and (as if that weren’t enough) just putting it on makes me instantly gleeful! …until I have to pee – then I’m sad #FashionIsPain #OnePieceProblems

Romper: Victoria Beckham x Target

Denim Jacket: Old Navy

Wedges: Target (similar)

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

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