I See Your True Colors

As I believe I have made abundantly clear on this little blog of ours, my absolute favorite go to outfit is a pair of denim and a white top. The result of this is I now have a lovely collection of white tops in all sorts of styles, sleeve lengths, details, what have you. It’s gotten to the point that I literally do not go shopping without coming home with a white top. Even T. has noticed, which is pretty impressive (and before you ask babe, yes I do need another top and no I do not already own this one).

There are many reason that a white top and denim make the perfect outfit pair: 1) it’a super easy to throw on and go, 2) it always gives off an effortlessly chic vibe (you know, until you spill coffee on yourself, which basically kills that vibe), and 3) it means when you run across a fun, colorful wall, you can take photos and not clash!  OK, so maybe that last one only really applies to bloggers, but I am pretty sure those first two are universal.  So here’s hoping you are loving this combo as much as I am, and hey, next time you run across a crazy cute wall, I say blogger or no blogger, snap that photo!


Jeans: LOFT

Earrings: Very Old (Similar)

Bag: Madewell

Sandals: Old Navy (Similar)


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