Have you ever been watching an old crime tv show (as one does… no? Just me? *siiiiigh*) and they’ve trotted out some frail little old lady because she’s a witness or whatever and you think to yourself, “she’s 100 if she’s a day”, but then the 1970s pornstache cops are like, “So, Mrs. Smith, you’re 61, is that correct”? And you practically have to cover your ears because the sound of your brain record scratching to an abrupt halt is almost deafening? But as you’re sitting there, trying to wrap your head around this Dorian Gray portrait of a person, you realize why this odd time paradox has you so hung up – the only blue hairs you’ve ever known are either art students (thank you, Manic Panic) or legit old people. The 60 and 70 year olds you know are out there living their best the-kids-are-out-of-the-house-time-to-party-hardy lives. They’re going on crazy adventures and trying new things (just because they can!) and they’ve got more energy and zeal than some people half their age. In this day and age, time and age are relative and the rules that govern what folks of any age should and shouldn’t do are as archaic as the crypt keeper giving her statement to police on that old tv show. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 60something who adores the off the shoulder trend or a 30something who is living for this resurgence of Lisa Frank, the fact of the matter is you’re only as old as you feel. Am I a grown adult wearing what is essentially a tutu in public like your average five year old who’s just been allowed to dress herself? Yes. Why? Because I felt like it. Trust me, do what you want to do and forget everyone else.

Tulle skirt: Amazon

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Necklace: Soft Surroundings (similar)

T-shirt: Target

Oxfords: Mod Cloth (similar)

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