Drawing a Blank

Is there anything more evocative of a blank canvas than a plain white shirtdress? (Besides, you know, an actual blank canvas…) Honestly, I do not know that there is. I mean, I’m no artist (just ask my unrecognizable stick figures), but I do find myself simultaneously inspired and overwhelmed whenever I am confronted with something so full of possibilities as a clean, white, shirtdress.

As a professed over-thinker, such a multitude of options usually leaves me totally dumbfounded. My instinct is to try on literally everything I own to make sure I picked the perfect pairing. But rather than let myself drown in a sea of “what if” and “how about that?”, I try and embrace the artist buried deep (deep) inside and remember to keep it clean and simple. So I grab my new favorite accessory (the bandana, a girl and cowboy’s best friend), throw on a pair of sandals and boom I am good to go. And while I may not be a work of art, I like to think those with an eye for these kinds of things would approve of how I took my blank canvas and made it my own.

Dress: Target x Who What Wear

Bandana: Madewell

Heels: Circus by Sam Edelman

Earrings: Gorjana

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