Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

One of the many tenets I live my life by is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. And while yes, this does apply to the hooks that broke off my wall going on 6 months ago that mean 2 of my favorite purses live on my closet floor, I am actually referring to the more figurative meaning of don’t mess with what works. And one of the things that never seems to fail me is that when I need a mood boost, all I have to do is put on some florals and consider me boosted.

Now I know that the second the winter chill lifts and we finally have sunshine again, florals are basically all every girl wants to wear.  That being said, I am cool with being a member of the herd on this one if it means I get to rock all my favorite flower patterned pieces for the next few months.  So while I may like to consider myself a bit of a sartorial rebel, when it comes to florals for Spring, that is one rule I have no intention of breaking.

Top: The Limited (Similar 1Similar 2

Pants: Banana Republic (This Season’s)

Mules: Vince (Similar)

Bracelets: Navy Stone Cuff: Gift (Similar), Gold Leaf Bracelet: via LeTote (Similar)


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