A Little Extra Prep In My Step

Looking back, I think I’ve always probably been a secret prepster. The stripes… the brights… the penchant for balancing everything out with a nice, sensible neutral… I’m telling you, it all adds up! And to be honest, a preppy formula is just the kind of no-brainer logic my work wardrobe needs: pick a pattern (in this case stripes, but polka dots or checks are also acceptable), pick a solid (I’m a lean, mean, green wearing machine), pick a blazer (or cardigan) and then roll said blazer’s sleeves up, 1) as an homage to the quintessential hey day of the preppies, the 1980s and 2) because you’re practically physically incapable of not pushing up your sleeves, so you might as well roll them up neatly. See? Simple, clean, and straightforward enough that my groggy, sleep deprived brain can handle it in the wee hours of Monday morning.

 Blazer: Forever 21 (similar)

Trousers: The Limited (similar)

Pumps: Target (similar)

Necklace: J Crew Factory (similar)

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