The Brunch Club

Alright, show of hands – who’s ready for the weekend? What’s that? Everyone is?

I know this will come as no surprise, but I absolutely live for the weekends. It’s the only time I get to dress like my truest self. You know, stop raiding Barry Manilow’s wardrobe and instead smear a bunch of black shit under my eyes? Oh and the layers. Can’t forget to wear ALL of the layers (some call a thermal, a flannel, a jacket, a scarf, and an overcoat overkill. Me? I call it Saturday morning #AlwaysCold). Well guys, I’ve got great news – we’re almost there! It’s time to count down the hours until we can break out and run free. So, huddle up with your Saturday squad (the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess, the criminal…) and start making plans! Get loud (real loud… like, ruckus levels of loud), get crazy, dance a little… Mess with the bull and get the horns! (just don’t tape Larry Lester’s buns together, okay?) Me? Oh, I’ll be alone, dancin’ you know it, baby… (so, won’t you come see about me?)

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Black jeans: American Eagle

Black flat booties: Old Navy (similar)

Gray tank top: Target (similar)

Brown matte round sunglasses: Target


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