By George, I Think She’s Got It

I knew when I traded the nonprofit world for the corporate realm, I’d have to make some adjustments and the one what I will freely admit I’ve struggled the most with is my wardrobe. As a person who loves to dress for how they feel, limiting myself to certain things in my closet has been hard! I mean, I’ve got an entire collection of dresses and skirts that I can no longer wear in my daily life and half of my shoe collection has been relegated to ‘weekend wear only’ (what do you mean spikes are not office appropriate?). So I’ve made it my personal mission to figure out ways to inject a little bit of ‘me’ back into my nine to five. I’ve already started to incorporate a little ladylike pattern mixing, a little sparkle here and there, a bright splash or two, but I think I’ve finally sussed out the perfect formula for a look that’s office appropriate yet quintessentially me. Surprisingly enough? I’d already figured it out once before. See, much like my former unofficial uniform, my #ladyboss look starts with a button down and finishes with some funky touches (what’s that? No, I didn’t buy these same glitter flats in silver AND bronze. That would be crazy… #IDid #IRegretNothing). The difference maker here is the pencil skirt I traded for my formerly ubiquitous skinny jeans – it’s conservative enough for the office, yet funky enough to soothe my soul.

Polka dot blouse: Banana Republic (similar)

Lace pencil skirt: Express (similar)

Glitter Flats: Sole Society

Pearl necklace: Target

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