A Beginning, Middle and Trend

There are times when I see an item and I fall head over heels, crazy right now, I must have you kind of love. The item becomes all I can think about until I finally have it and it is mine (but you know, in a totally chill, whatever, not-creepy kind of way…). And there they are items that sneak up on me. Perhaps at first I will see them and think “huh, cute” and move on. But then, over time, I will find myself daydreaming about all the fun ways I could style them and what a great addition they will make to my wardrobe and before you know it, I am the proud (but slightly perplexed) owner of my new favorite piece of clothing.

This outfit contains not one, but two pieces that fall into that latter category. When I first saw the off the shoulder trend cropping up, I definitely had a moment of game recognizing game, but never figured it would be a style that I would get into. But then I saw this top, and now I am a believer. I mean, blue/white stripes, embroidered flowers, swingy perfect-for-Spring feel? How can a girl resist? She cannot, and so here I am, ready to head (and shoulder) out into the world.

So that’s one, but where is two? Well to answer that, you just need to look down to my feet. Let’s be honest, you have seen these shoes everywhere, and there’s a good reason for that; they are adorable. Super comfy, ideal height, perfect with jeans and dresses…they are the Amy Poheler of shoes (yes, she is my go-to reference for someone that is amazing at everything, deal with it). And after spotting them on basically every fashionista I adore, I just knew I had to get a pair of my own. So here I am, a girl who found love in the place…well, in the exact place she expected to find it, but it is still a great feeling and I have no intention of letting it go anytime soon.



Jeans: LOFT

Wedges: DSW

Watch: Fossil

Bracelet: Paperdolls Boutique (Similar)

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