A Hop, Skip, and a Jumpsuit

Ah, fashion envy, we have all felt it. Whether its for those ladies who can somehow sport 4 inch heels all day without complaint (or falling over), or for the women who can somehow look chic in athleisure, we have all had our moments of coveting thy neighbors style. For me, there is one item that has definitely inspired a bit of the green eyed monster when I saw it on others. And that item my friend, is the jumpsuit. I would see girls rocking the crazy one piece ensemble and sigh and think “why not me?” And then I would try on a super cute romper and remember “ah yes, that’s why”; even in a petite, I looked overwhelmed and a bit like a toddler.

And then I discovered this striped beauty. I’ll be honest, when it came to culottes, I felt…well the opposite of envy. Basically, I did not want those suckers anywhere near my closet. But somehow, that wrong made this jumpsuit all right. So now when I see my fellow jumpsuit wearing chicas, rather than shooting them daggers of jealousy, I can acknowledge them with the head nod of mutual respect and admiration (which generally gets a slightly more positive response). Instead, I shall save my envy energy for girls who look amazingly effortless in floppy hats (AHEM, you know who you are).

Jumpsuit: Gap (Different ColorSimilar)

Jacket: Old Navy

Heels: Famous Footwear

Earrings: Target x BaubleBar





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