State Of The Art

Fun fact about me: I failed kindergarten art class. You may be asking yourself questions like “How?” and “Why?” and “Good Lord, what is wrong with this woman?”, and these are all fair questions. And the answer is simple; I have never really enjoyed getting my hands dirty (both figuratively and literally).

So when it came to finger painting, sidewalk chalk, charcoal and (::shudder::) glue, I tended to run in the other direction as fast as my stubby little legs would take me. But there was nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more awful to me than glitter. Glitter was the Lex Luthor to my Superman, the Hans Gruber to my John McClane, the Wicked Witch to my Dorothy; basically, I was not a fan. It just made such a mess and just seemed to never wash off, no matter how hard I scrubbed. This aversion to glitter has lasted my whole life, until today. Because today I have found these insanely cute earrings that add the perfect glitz and glam to any ensemble and (most importantly) the glitter is contained. Now I can rock these amazing earrings and not worry about any mess, artsy or otherwise. So while I may still run at the sight of paint and glue, at least now I can put my old fight with glitter to rest (and focus on my never ending battle with scissors, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!).


Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Target x Who What Wear (Similar)

Earrings: Kate Spade

Heels: Vince (Similar 1Similar 2)

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