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Close your eyes and picture your closet. It’s probably a sea of neutrals with a few splashes of color, right? It makes plenty of sense; neutrals are the strong foundation of any complete wardrobe. But when your closet is 50 shades of gray, black, white, and brown, even thinking about introducing color can be overwhelming (let’s be honest even when we wear color we distill it down to its most neutral tone. Blush? Yeah, that’s beige pink). And introducing more than one color? Phew, woah buddy, hope you like standing in front of your closet for an hour…  But color doesn’t have to be that scary! All you have to do is remember the color wheel:

Primary colors (that’ll be red, blue, yellow) are great for creating a graphic, pop-art feel. Secondary colors are made from mixing the primary colors and can be great for creating a cute, warm vibe (a burnt orange, forest green, and eggplant? Yes. Please). Complementary colors? Those are the ones across from each other on the color wheel (so, yellow and purple, red and green, orange and blue) and they’re great for creating a pop of contrast (but be careful – if the shades are too close in tone, they begin to vibrate). Analogous colors are the ones that are all close and cozy on the wheel (like blue, blue green, green blue, green) and they can be great for impactful color-blocking. When all else fails, remember that active colors (these’ll be your warmer shades like red, yellow, and orange) will almost always push passive shades (your cooler hues like blue, green, and purple) into the background.

So armed with this knowledge, it’s actually not too terribly difficult to introduce a little color here and there. Wearing mustard? Try pairing it a plum for some sophisticated color mixing or with navy and burgundy for a subdued Disney princess vibe. Pink is perfect for pairing with kelly green and tangerine? Try a bright pop of teal. See? It’s not so scary after all.

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Striped T: Old Navy

Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)

Agate tassel necklace: Rachel’s Grove boutique (similar)

Tassel flats: J Crew Factory (similar)

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

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