In the Future

There are people out there who will tell you that fashion is nonsense. Express more than a passing interest in clothes or makeup, and they will immediately jump down your throat about how beauty and appearance are just superficial constructs built to make you spend money and feel bad about yourself. But anyone who has spent a weekend binging on TLC shows knows that’s just not true. A special dress can turn your average girl into the belle of her glamorous-shabby-chic-masquerade-rustic-hollywood-glam-boho-destination-church-barn-mermaid wedding (the colors are teal, white, and gray and everyone will be drinking out of customized mason jars, thankyouverymuch), and all it takes to save the hottest of messes from her own wardrobe is a wink, a prayer, and Stacy London. Seriously, show me a person who hasn’t had their confidence sapped by a bad hair day or an uncooperative outfit.

No, really, go ahead, I’ll wait…

See? Virtually impossible. So how can something that affects so many of us be dismissed as trivial? Fashion allows us to decide who we want to be that day. Personal style isn’t about creating some kind of rulebook that defines who you are every minute of every day; it’s a roadmap with a long scenic route that allows you to take as many detours and rest stops as you want to. So, some days I’m preppy or funky, bold or subdued, professional or relaxed, sparkly or sporty. Hell, some days I toss my minimalist tunic dress over my leather leggings and channel my inner futuristic, dystopian space princess. The world is my oyster, and Imma do what I want.

Dress: Fossil (similar 1, similar 2)

Leggings: Express

Earrings: Target

Black Wedge Booties: Fergie (similar)

[photos by Seth]

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