And It Was All Yellow

Listen, the groundhog may say six more weeks of winter, but I say, “did that rodent go to meteorology school? No, I think not”. Spring is in the air (and if it’s not I’m just planning on willing it into existence) and this girl’s wardrobe is ready to bloom. It’s no secret that spring is my favorite season by far (mostly because I tell every single person I meet), and there comes a point every year where I start chomping at the bit to wear all of my favorite florals again. Unfortunately, most of those pieces still read a little too spring, so I usually have to wait until March or April to unleash my inner garden sprite. That’s where my one true bae, Target, saves the day yet again. This skirt from their collaboration with Who What Wear is absolutely perfect for this awkward winter/spring transition and beyond. On the winter side of things, the gray and black tones vibe perfectly with my winter wardrobe (and my feelings towards winter as a whole), the length ensures I don’t freeze to death, and as an added bonus it plays well with my ubiquitous black winter tights. But the cheery floral pattern, pop of yellow, and lighter weight material mean that when spring’s the thing, I’ll be ready to take on the town.

Skirt: Target

Sweater: Target (similar)

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Target (similar)


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