Practically Perfect

A lesson I am learning slowly but surely is that every outfit is not going to be perfect.  There are just going to be times that I have to look in the mirror and say “You know what? Good enough.”  This may be a no-brainer for you guys, but for me, leaving the house looking less than my best can feel impossible. And by that I don’t mean dressed to the nines with nary a hair out of place (because my hair excels at being anywhere but in place); more just being okay with the outfit I am wearing rather than head over heels in love.

Sure, there are days that I walk out into the world with a bit of a strut knowing I look exactly the way I want to look.  But there are also going to be days when I’m closer to like a 75% self-approval rating, but I feel okay and that will just have to do.

This outfit is actually a perfect example of me not loving a look but #dealingwithit (just picture 8-bit sunglasses lowering over my eyes, please and thank you). I am obsessed with this dress, I mean the color is gorgeous and the little flip at the bottom is too cute, but styling it has been a real struggle. But, instead of letting it languish away in my closet, I threw together something that, while not flawless, is pretty darn fine if I do say so myself.  And if it’s between wasting time trying to look 100%, or actually going out in the world and being 100%, I think I am just going to have to learn that practically perfect will do.

Dress: Banana Republic (SplurgeSave)

Cardigan: Target

Scarf: World Market (Similar 1Similar 2)

Loafers: DSW (Similar 1Similar 2)

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