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I think we all can agree that mornings are terrible, right? (For the early birds who disagree, please be quiet, I prefer to live in a world where you don’t actually exist rather than admit that there are actually people who hop out of bed excited to greet the day).  OK, so now that we are all on the same page, I want to talk about why mornings are so miserable.  I cannot speak for all of you, but for me it is a combination of the fact that I am a bit of a night owl, could always do with about an hour (to six hours) more sleep, and am absolute rubbish when it comes to getting myself dressed.

One might wonder then, if I am so unskilled at dressing myself, why in the world would I want to be a fashion blogger?  And dear one, that is an excellent question.  And my answer is this: it is not that I don’t love the end result when I am finally dressed, it is that the path to getting there is often quite fraught.  I for some reason can never seem to just find a look I like and stick with it, and that usually leads to a very frustrated girl surrounded by a pile of perfectly wearable, but not quite perfect, clothes.

My new method to help alleviate this madness is to keep track of combinations I know are basically foolproof.  That can include colors (camel and black, navy and cream, olive and blush…), silhouettes (midi skirts and button downs, dresses and booties, jeans and baggy sweaters…) and even patterns (stripes and florals, stripes and leopard, stripes and plaid…OK I really like stripes).  I have found this allows me to find creativity within my outfits without feeling overwhelmed with options or too locked in to any idea. And fun fact, it is actually working!

So while mornings will never be my favorite time of day, at least now I don’t dread rolling out of bed and towards my closet.  So you early birdies go ahead and get your worms, and when I finally do emerge into the world and run into you (probably literally, I am pretty blurry-eyed until at least my second cup of coffee), at least I’ll be looking cute when I do.

Dress: Target

Shirt: Old Navy

Boots: Sole Society

Necklace: Target (Similar)



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