What’s Cooking?

Alright everyone, get ready because there are a couple changes happening here at Fashion By Committee. We heard about one big one from Jess yesterday, and while Emily and Jeanne will miss her truly, madly, deeply, we are so very excited for the opportunity to have another boy on the planet to influence with our feminist ways…and, perhaps more importantly, dress to the nines.

In terms of what our posts will look like moving forward, Emily and Jeanne are still going to do their absolute best to keep posting content 4 days a week. We may not always be successful (we are only human after all), but we will at least give it the old college try. However, we thought that with this change may come the opportunity to get just a little more open with some of our passions beyond our fabulous sartorial skills. So get ready for us to stop being polite and start getting real! (Oh wait, we never really were all that polite were we? Well then, get ready for us to keep not being polite and start getting real!).

Now, in addition to all of the other changes happening, you may notice that our blog looks just a little bit different than it did yesterday. Well, that is because we did a redesign to better reflect how our blog has grown and changed over the last year and a half. We hope you love it as much as we do! And big props to Emily for the amazing design, she really is quite brilliant.

So there you go, a few big changes, a few little tweaks here and there, but don’t worry! You can still count on Fashion By Committee to provide fun and unique looks styled by ladies with personality to spare (and a strict budget to maintain) accompanied by a side of snark and a dash of real talk. Because with a recipe that good, why mess with it?


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