Hair Today…


Sometimes you just don’t have the clean laundry creativity to put together a unique and interesting outfit, but you still want to look cute. So what do you do when simply wearing real clothes at all is about as good as you can do?

You cross your fingers and pray that your hair is going to cooperate for once and give you a good hair day.

Thankfully, whether it’s because of the weather, the prenatal vitamins, or just a great stroke of luck, I’ve been having a run of great hair luck… which has coincided perfectly with a run of run-of-the-mill outfits. Whatever it is, I’m certainly grateful!

Wishing you all marvelous hair and a happy Tuesday!

Pants: Motherhood Maternity (similar)

Top: Motherhood Maternity

Boots: Target (similar)

Nail Polish: Essie’s Peak Show

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