Winter (Not) Wonderland

I am not going to lie to you guys, Winter and I are not really friends.  Ok fine, we are enemies.  Ok fine, Winter is my enemy while it barely notices I exist (AKA, the plot to many high school horror movies/very special episodes).   But instead of using my telekinetic powers to murder Winter (which I admit is a plan that does have some flaws…#1 being I don’t have telekinetic powers) or the power of friendship to show Winter the error of it’s ways (again, not the ideal plan), I have instead developed a trick or two to help get me through these cold dark months and safely to the other side.

My favorite way to battle the Winter blues is to refuse to give into the urge to only wear black and instead infuse my cold-weather wardrobe with pops of color. I don’t know what is it, but something about trading a dour tone for something a bit more cheery always seems to have a positive effect.  It’s like smiling to make yourself happy; I am outside in dressing!  Though sometimes (like with this outfit for example), I get so excited about my fun bright colors that I throw caution to the wind and stand outside taking photos even though it is 10 degrees and everything is terrible.  You may win again Winter, but at least I look cute fighting you!

Sweater: Old Navy (Limited Sizes, Similar)

Jeans: Who What Wear x Target (Similar 1Similar 2)

Coat: Banana Republic (Similar 1Similar 2)

Necklace: Kate Spade

Watch: Fossil

Booties: Madden Girl

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