The Emily Starter Kit: Winter Edition

UGH. I was hoping to just skip the ice capades this year, but apparently the old “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” trick only works on babies and not Old Man Winter. Listen, it’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the chillier months, but over the years I’ve developed wardrobe strategies to help make them more… tolerable. Here are a few of the wardrobe staples I’ll be leaning on this winter:


Sweater weather…


Alright, I’ll admit, this one is a bit of a no brainer – when the temperature drops, ya toss on heavier layers, right? Sweaters are like the office friendly version of the sweatshirt (which makes them the cousin of my bae, the hoodie). I can’t wait to dress them up, down, and sideways with my collection of scarves, necklaces, and accessories.


GOAL FOR 2017: I have an array of fun printed button downs and plans to expand my bouncing baby blazer family, so I’m looking forward to jazzing it up with some creative layering. Oh, and maybe I’ll try to buy a couple sweaters that aren’t some shade of black or blue? “Human Bruise” is probably not a look I should be aspiring to…


I got my tight pants, I got my tight pants on…


Listen, I will wear leggings as pants until the day that I die and skinny jeans? Well, they’re pretty much the only kind of jean that I own (when you have skinny, chicken people legs and no butt, everything else just makes you look like sad little waif of a boy). During the winter I crank up my legging game (and my space heater) up to 11 by layering tights underneath (truth talk: how did I survive before fleece lined tights? Who was I then?) 


GOALS FOR 2017: As much as I love the roomy pockets that my current crop of office appropriate slacks provide, I find myself missing half of my shoe collection (bedazzled oxfords are meant to be seen, not obscured by all the extra fabric pooling at my ankles). So my mission for 2017 is to find some ankle pants with enough panache to hang out with my funkiest flats!


Black, white, and brrrrr all over…


I absolutely adore playing with color and pattern, but when the temperature drops out, so does my ability to mix and match (I’m too busy rubbing my brain cells together for warmth to think about incorporating new hues). So I fall back on my all time favorite color combo: black and white. They’re the peanut butter and jelly, the Bert and Ernie, the meat and potatoes of the color spectrum. And if I had my way, the only winter white I’d see would be on my body and not that cold nonsense that falls from the sky.


GOALS FOR 2017: From stripes and spots to cats and solids, I tend to lean pretty heavily on clothes that make a graphic statement. This year I want to add a little more texture into the mix. Coururoy, leather, quilted, knit – there’s a lot more ways to make an impact than just a dramatic stripe or two.


Das boot (and bootie)…


Boots aren’t just cute – they’re practical too! When the temperatures get chilly and flats just won’t cut it anymore, I like to keep my tootsies toasty in something a little more heavy duty. Boots not only provide a little extra protection from the elements, but they make my absurd sock collection a well kept secret (I mean, I somehow doubt pizza socks would go over well at the office).


GOALS FOR 2017: As much as I love my current crop of boots, my collection is sorely missing a pair of cozy yet cute, insulated boots to further shield me from the elements (be they snow or insufficiently heated office spaces). I keep saying that I’m going to run out an purchase a pair, but I just can’t seem to find a pair that rocks my socks. I’m determined to change that this year though! (Mostly because this weather nonsense is really cramping my style)

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