10 More Weeks Of Winter

Alright, I know we’re only officially a few weeks into winter, but I am already so incredibly over it. Sure, I may have started my countdown to spring the moment the first leaf of fall fell, but can you really blame me? I can’t ever seem to get warm, my nose won’t stop running, and all of this cold, dry air? Yeah, it makes it virtually impossible to stay moisturized enough to conceal my true lizard person self from the unsuspecting masses (these scaly knuckles just scream “reptile that got in a bar fight”). Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure the reason people give up on their resolutions so quickly is because January is basically the worst. I mean, who can possibly think about changing their life when they’re so fixated on not freezing to death, amiright? However, I suppose that it would probably be more constructive to focus on the positive and not dwell so much on the fact I can’t feel my toes (as the old saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it under your breath so no one can hear you”), so here it goes:

  1. I’m grateful that I can actually run my space heater all day at work because it’s not weird like it will be 6 months from now when I’m still running it non-stop.
  2. For basically nine months out of the year, my almost never-ending parade of cute coats and scarves sit on the bench, waiting to get tapped in. This is their time to shine and boy howdy, are they ready.
  3. All of these miserable, freezing cold days make me truly appreciate the random 60 degree days that I know I’ll eventually take for granted when spring rolls around.
  4. Boots, tights, and pants mean that all of that time I usually spend shaving my legs and painting my toenails can go to more important things like sleep and more sleep.
  5. Did I mention sleep? Definitely trying to figure out who I have to talk to about coming back as a bear in my next life because that whole hibernation deal sounds puh-retty amazing…

Coat: Macy’s (similar)

Scarf: Target (similar)

Plum Jeans: American Eagle

Navy striped top: H&M (similar)

Mustard cardigan: Target (similar)

Hat: Target (similar)

Sunglasses: LOFT (similar)

Boots: Ummm… IDK? *shoulder shrug* (similar)

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