You Say You Want A Resolution

OK everyone, 2017 is officially here. And while I am not a huge supporter of resolutions as a whole (I was just as fabulous on December 31st as I am on January 1st, thank you very much), I do like the idea of using the new year as an opportunity to think about where I want to be 365 days from now.  So I have put together a little list of things I’d like to focus on in 2017, and I ask that no one actually hold me to these, since nothing kills my vibe faster than feeling obligated to do something…(think maybe looking into fixing that should go on the list? Eh, let’s make that 2018’s problem.):

1)      Explore More:  I’ve been back in St. Louis for 3 years now, and I feel like I have a terrible habit of sticking to the areas I know and refusing to step outside my little bubble.  So this year I am determined to take advantage of all this city has to offer; things like our free museums, great concerts, beautiful old neighborhoods and maybe even a festival or two.  And if that includes fun day trips to wineries and long weekends to nearby Midwestern cities, then so be it!

2)      Listen to Myself/Ignore Myself: Fun fact about me; I have the ability to convince myself of almost anything.  My willpower is legend, and I can justify almost any action.  That can be a great quality when it comes to making healthy smart decision and a detriment when it comes to making terrible ones.  So this year I am going to try and get a bit better at staying motivated when a plan is good (working out, eating healthy, being a productive member of society) and maybe not listen so much when a suggestion is coming from the devil on my shoulder (stay in bed all day, binge Netflix, eat garbage).  My better angels may not always prevail, but I’m gonna call an 80/20 split a real win.

3)       Give Back: I talked about this a little bit previously, but I have realized that one of the most valuable ways to spend my time is volunteering for causes I believe in.  Every year I always find time to do a little of that, and always wish I had done more.  This year, I am going to make a effort to try and fit more volunteer opportunities into my schedule.  (And if right now you are thinking “wow, that Jeanne, what a good person!”, you are correct and thank you).

4)      Show Up:  OK, this one is just a resolution no matter how you slice it.  I am always late for everything, it is a quality I despise about myself, and I want to stop doing it.  So 2017, get ready for Jeanne because I am going to show up time and not a second later! (Or earlier! Let’s be honest, I am not a miracle worker.)

5)      Stay Mad: I think we can all agree I have done a pretty terrible job of keeping my political opinions to myself on this blog. And while this may not be the right medium…I really don’t care.  Something I realized this year is I spend a lot of time keeping my thoughts to myself because I am worried about saying something that might make someone uncomfortable, and I think that might be one of the ways our country got into this whole mess.  So I am determined to stay informed, stay involved, and stay pissed.  I want to be able to look back on this time in our history and know that I fought for the things and people I believe in.  Here’s hoping I see you out there.

Blending right in…


Tee: Banana Republic

Pants: LOFT

Cardigan: Banana Republic

Watch: Fossil (Y’all, this is a smart watch!)

Booties: Madden Girl

Scarf: Paisley Boutique (Almost Exact)

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