Jess’s December Budget and 2016 Year In Review

Target – Blanket Scarf – $13.99

Aaaaaand that’s it! A whopping $13.99 on clothes and accessories for myself in December.

Like many, I try not to buy stuff for myself in December, so that I can focus more of my money on gifts for others. But given all the pretty sparkly (and super on sale) things in stores this time of year… well, typically it goes poorly. But not this year! Amazing how not fitting into typically sized clothes can make you stick to your budget :).

And thus concludes my first FULL calendar year of budgeting! Some fun stats (because I am absolutely the type of weirdo who like numbers):

Items purchased: 54

Total spent: $1287.31

Average per month: $107.28

Average per item: $23.84

My goal for 2017 is to keep it under $100/month, and to get fewer, higher quality items. Bring it on!


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