The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

If this past year has taught me anything, it is that sometimes breaking your own rules a little can end up leading to some of the best possible things. And yes, I am aware of how profound that sounds…but really, I am just talking about clothes.

You all know I pride myself on being a bit of a sartorial rule breaker; I love to mix patterns, wear white after Labor Day, real Rebel Without A Cause level stuff. So one of the ways I find structure within my fashion chaos is creating a few rules of my own: sticking with a neutral palate (with a few jewel tones for good measure), not falling too far down the trendy rabbit hole, keeping my statement pieces simple. But then sometimes, as a maverick is wont to do, I don’t just throw out the old rules, I throw out my rules too and just go Howard Dean scream level crazy (We’re going to get metallic skirts, and bell sleeved blouses, and OTK boots, and we’re going to take back this closet! YEAH!).

This sweater, for example, is quite the Jeanne rule breaker. I rarely if ever like pastels on me, I am not a big purple fan, and ain’t nobody got time for shoulder ruffles. And yet here I am, head over heels in love with a sweater that seems to contain many of the attributes I claim to hate. Eh, the heart wants what the heart wants I guess.

So here’s to taking a chance and breaking some rules. I’m starting to get the feeling that 2017 may require a bit of rebellion against the old ways and let me tell you, me and my wardrobe are ready!


Top: Ann Taylor (Exact in BlueSimilar)

Jeans: LOFT

Booties: Lucky Brand (Similar 1Similar 2)

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