Snow Showers

My baby shower was this past weekend, and my gosh you guys. It was so incredible to be surrounded by family, friends, delicious food, and about a metric truck load of (largely dinosaur themed) adorable baby clothes and children’s books. I am so extremely grateful for my awesome mom who hosted the whole shebang, and everyone who came together to make it a great day. Our baby is a pretty lucky little dude!

For my part, I tried to embrace the glowing-pregnant-lady look by snagging a gorgeous PinkBlush maternity dress for cheap on Zulily (that way I don’t feel bad if I only end up wearing it once!). I even attempted to breathe life into my too-thick-for-anything hair by curling it (and only burnt myself once, so I consider it a great success). It would have been a wonderful day regardless of what I was wearing – but I’m so glad that I was able to combine this pretty look with such an awesome day.

Dress: Zulily (but the dress is from PinkBlush)

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