Going Pro

So it turns out, people still expect you to do crazy things like “work” and “go to meetings” and “look like you have a job” even when you’re pregnant. This is where I say, thank god for stretchy ankle pants, flowy blouses, and my personal MVP, the jersey knit blazer. Ankle pants become instantly winterized by adding boots (thank goodness, given the surprise snow surrounding me…). The flowy blouse is a win because you can play up the belly by adding a thin belt (it’s definitely sometimes useful to work those vibes!), or leaving it loose to quell the when-are-you-due questions.

But my real pro tip? GET YOURSELF A KNIT BLAZER. They look good enough to pass muster while providing enough stretch to keep you from feeling restricted and claustrophobic. I got mine at Target (and am still kicking myself for only buying one!), but  I know that this one from Nordstrom is also very popular.

Pants: Motherhood Maternity (different color)

Blouse: Motherhood Maternity

Jacket: Target (similar)

Boots: Nordstrom

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