What to Get For The Lad In Your Life

Ho Ho Ho…ly mother of God, it is already the 2nd week of December and I have barely made a dent in my holiday shopping list! If you’re like me (beautiful, intelligent, charming, the worst kind of procrastinator), you are currently doing your best to think up the perfect gift for all of your friends, loved ones, work buddies…wow, the list just keeps on growing. Lucky for you, FBC is on the case.

If finding presents for your ladies is giving you grief, look no further than Emily’s awesome Gift Guide below. However, if it is the fellas whose perfect present seems just out of reach, you have come to the right place. Check out below for a few ideas on what to get the men in your life, because lord knows they aren’t going to help you figure it out!



It’s a Wrap: Once the warm glow of the holidays has dimmed, the winters can get quite chilly. What man wouldn’t appreciate a little extra bit of bundle that didn’t come from over eating holiday cookies? You can never go wrong with a good knit neutral scarf, or perhaps even a plaid, but most importantly, make sure it is soft and cozy.

Quite S’well: Perfect for the guy who hikes, bikes, or just sits at a desk all day drinking coffee. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and the S’well water bottle somehow manages to be practical and cool at the same time. Who doesn’t love that? Try this great silver or even the subtle wood finish for a gift they will find themselves reaching for again and again.

Treat. Yo. Self: Maybe it’s just me, but the men in my life are terrible at pampering. So, to help them Treat Themselves 2016, why not get them a subscription to Birchbox Men? They will receive a monthly box full of all sorts of fun products specifically tailored to their dude-like needs, and since they are delivered right to their door, they may even use them!

Tee Time: As much as you may enjoy seeing your man in all of his ratty t-shirt glory, the world looks a bit more kindly on a gentleman who is dressed to the nines. Luckily, fashion has found a solution for that: tailored t-shirts that look as fantastic as they feel. I have observed that these tees from look great dressed up or down, or you can even mix it up with some stripes. Yes, I know it’s clothes, but won’t you both be happier avoiding the “no, you can’t wear your Zelda t-shirt to my mom’s birthday” conversation? Truly, it’s a win/win.

A Little Tipple: Every man has his drink of choice, why not pick up a nice bottle of his favorite adult beverage and let him give something a little fancier a try? Or, if he already knows his way around a bar, a pair of nice tumblers can take his drink from “duuuuuuude” to “cherrio, old boy” in a single sip.

Let’s Get Technical: Look, its 2016, at this point everyone has their share of smart stuff. But just in case your man has been left out, or needs an upgrade, why not give him a little bit of technology. This tablet here is very reasonably priced and still looks just a streamlined and cool as the big boys. Or, if he already has his device of choice, accessories can take things to the next level. These wireless headphones are amazing, and this pen lets you transfer whatever you write to an mobile device (it’s the future y’all!).

Show Me The Money: Don’t let the man in your life become George Constanza (which is honestly good advice in general). Replace his old wallet, that may or may not fasten with velco, with something a bit more refined. This sleek leather option is gorgeous, or if he likes a bit less bulk, try this clip (this one comes with a flash drive, fancy!). Perhaps this will inspire him to finally throw out the receipts he’s kept for as long as you’ve known him.

Seize The Day: We all know boxes are great to have under the tree, but some of the best gifts I have ever given or received have been experiences. Why not get him some classes for a hobby he’s always wanted to explore, or tickets to a great event, or even just a weekend getaway at a nearby hotel? When you think about it, it’s really 2 gifts; one the day they open it and one the day they use it. And the only thing better than one present is two.

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