Happy Holidaze

To continue our time honored tradition (that is only a year old, but who’s counting?) of rewriting beloved Christmas carols and poems to suit our own selfish needs, we have put together this little ditty below, sung to the tune of “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”. It may not be great, it may not even be good, but it definitely put us in the holiday spirit!


Hark the ladies of FBC sing
Tis Christmas Eve, that time again

Another year has come and gone
Full of fashion, most right some wrong

Joyful feelings our post do bring
(Mostly to us, but thanks for reading!)

Though our sass may know no bounds
We are so glad this blog you found

Hark the ladies of FBC sing
Love and joy to you and your kin!


We are taking a break for the holidays, but we wish you all a wonderful season, full of cozy sweaters, warm moments, and perhaps one (or three) too many cookies.  Look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

A Little Bit Wiser

Truth talk: birthdays are weird. They’re fun when you’re a kid because it means that for one day the focus is on you and some milestone you just hit by simply surviving another spin around the sun. Remember when you turned thirteen and were all proud because you were finally a teenager? Or how you dedicated more time to studying your driver’s manual than you had for virtually any other test in your life? Or how excited you were to FINALLY be old enough to vote? Well, after twenty one the milestones get further apart. Soon you’re counting time in decades and making a big fuss about anything that isn’t the BIG (fill in the number of your choice here) seems silly somehow. And you know what? That kind of bums me out! Listen, I may not be celebrating a milestone birthday today, but I survived 2016 and that in itself feels like a milestone worth getting excited about! So if you see a girl in a knit hat doing the Hammer dance in Target today, don’t judge me- join me! Because you know what? 2016 can’t touch this. 

Coat: Guess (similar)

Sweater: Target (this season’s option)

Jeans: American Eagle

Hat: Francesca’s (same from some place else)

Booties: Old Navy