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jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-6This week marks the beginning of holiday season, and I don’t know about you, but this time of year always inspires me to take stock and reflect.  And right now, with all that is going on in the world, all the hate and fear, it can be hard to find something good to hold on to.  So I wanted to take a moment and just list a few wonderful things as a reminder that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always light:

Family – I am so lucky to have the most incredible, loving and wonderful support system a girl could ask for.  They taught me so many things, including how to see the good in everyone and how to embrace who you are, no matter how crazy.  Most importantly, they have shown me the priceless value that comes from knowing someone is always rooting for you, no matter what.  I kind of want to grow up to be just like all of them.

Friends – Ditto for all of the above, but add that my friends make me laugh til I cry and that we can carry on loooong conversations about fictional worlds (Pawnee, West Covina, 1776 America…) for a very, very long time. #squadgoals #sorryIsaidthat

Smiling Puppies – I mean seriously, is there anything more heartwarming?

Smiling Babies WITH Puppies – Oh yeah, that.

When the Sunlight Shines Through The Trees – Look, I’m no poet, but there is something about those rays of light peaking through the green (or this time of year, red/yellow/orange, even better) that makes everything feel almost spiritual.  It always causes me to take a moment and appreciate.

Singing Your Favorite Song At The Top Of Your Lungs – Beyonce ain’t got nothing on my shower singing! (She does, she is much, much better than me…x infinity).

Reading a Good Book – Sometimes we all need a way to escape, and there is no better opportunity for that then diving into an amazing book.  It gives you a moment to live in someone else’s brain in someone else’s world, and right now I think we all need to be a bit better about taking the time and effort to understand worlds outside of our own.

This Blog – I truly believe that everyone needs their art; something they are passionate about that they can point to and say “I made that”.  For me, my art is this blog, and I am constantly honored and blown away that people (besides our parents) actually take the time to read it.

Those Who Fight – Like I said, right now is a scary time for a lot of us.  It’s easy to let the fear take over, but fear isn’t enough, we have to get angry too.  We have to stand up and fight for the things and people we believe in. I am constantly inspired by those who are refusing to sit back and let the fear overwhelm them, those who are speaking their mind and fighting back. We may not win, or how we define winning may have to evolve, but just knowing that we are fighting together makes it just a little be easier. And love is love is love is love is worth fighting for.

So those are my things. I hope some of them resonate with you, or, if not, I hope you have your own.  So let’s all take this holiday season to find the light and don’t let anyone, anyone, snuff it out.jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-8jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-4jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-1jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-5jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-3jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-2jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light-7jeanne-fbc-old-navy-navy-floral-crepe-shift-dress-target-who-what-wear-olive-suede-moto-jacket-honeycomb-infinity-scarf-brown-booties-happiness-fall-light

Dress: Old Navy

Jacket: Target

Tights: Very Old (Similar

Booties: Lucky Brand (Similar 1Similar 2)

Scarf: Old Navy

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