Be There Or Be Square


You all may remember around this time last year, the ladies did a post all about one of the best patterns of the season: plaid. And in that post, I made a startling confession. Up until last year’s post, I owned ZERO plaid. Yes, zero. And while I think it would have been more than fair to revoke my blogger card as a result of that omission (or perhaps even my lady card, plaid is significant y’all), I like to think I have made up for it.

Now, not only do I own plaid, I rock plaid on plaid, that most majestic and grid-like of combos. And yes, one could argue this is plaid on gingham (if one is a stickler, which if you are, you may care just a bit too much), but what is gingham if not a version of plaid? So thanks to this complete 180 (or 90, because plaid is all right angles? #mathwordplay) I am here to say plaid is my new normal and I am loving every second of it.jeanne5-1


Shirt: Brooks Brothers (Similar)

Jeans: LOFT

Scarf: Target (CRAZY Similar)

Bracelet: Paperdolls Boutique (Similar 1Similar 2)

Booties: Lucky Brand (Similar)

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