Orange You Glad It’s Vintage?


A wise group of lads from Liverpool once sang, “the best things in life are free” and you know what, guys? They weren’t wrong. Every once and a while you unearth a gem in an excavation to the back of Grandma’s closet. If I had been wandering around a store, I might have missed this skirt completely in my never-ending search for something black, white, and striped. And that would’ve been a miss indeed, my friends. This little ditty injects a few new colors into my usual color palette (oh hello, orange!) and forces me to lean on a neutral besides black (hi there, navy!). So, thank you, blast from the past for this welcome mental reset. Who knows, maybe next week I’ll be sporting fluorescent yellow!


No, I won’t. #TheLimitDOESexist


Skirt: Vintage (similar)

Jacket: Old Navy

Shirt: Kohl’s (similar)

Booties: Old Navy (in black)

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