Who Dis?


Funny story: The other day I was with my mom, and I was showing her the photos we had taken for the blog this week (this is a regular occurrence for us; I show off the photos, she pretends to care, it’s very sweet). When I showed her these photos, she turned my phone back to me and said “wait, who is this?”. That’s right, this dress is so un-Jeanne, my own mother didn’t recognize me!

Now, there are many ways to take this comment, but I am choosing to see it as a compliment. Perhaps she is confused by my risk-taking, out of the box style that cannot be easily defined or pinned down. Or maybe she is just not used to seeing me in such big, bright patterns. More than likely, she just scrolled too quickly through the photos and thought I was Emily (which, hi, biggest compliment ever, that girl is fine!) No matter what the reasoning, I like the idea that every so often I step so outside my comfort zone that my own mother has to do a double take.



jeanne-fbc-old-navy-floral-black-patterned-shift-dress-vince-gray-mules-silver-drop-line-necklace-fall-fashion-4jeanne-fbc-old-navy-floral-black-patterned-shift-dress-vince-gray-mules-silver-drop-line-necklace-fall-fashion-1jeanne-fbc-old-navy-floral-black-patterned-shift-dress-vince-gray-mules-silver-drop-line-necklace-fall-fashion-8jeanne-fbc-old-navy-floral-black-patterned-shift-dress-vince-gray-mules-silver-drop-line-necklace-fall-fashion-6jeanne-fbc-old-navy-floral-black-patterned-shift-dress-vince-gray-mules-silver-drop-line-necklace-fall-fashion-9Dress: Old Navy

Mules: Vince (Similar 1Similar 2)

Necklace: Gift (Similar)

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