Jess’s November Budget


Dress – Pinkblush via Zulily – $39.99

Tee – Zulily – $14.99

Boots – Target – $24.49

Total: $79.47

As it turns out, black friday shopping makes a much smaller impact on your budget when you can’t buy clothes in your normal size and you have an almost fully stocked wardobe that fits your current needs. This month was all about filling small, weird gaps in my wardobe… specifically my winter wardrobe. A pretty dress for parties, a festive shirt just because it seemed necessary, and a warm pair of boots that don’t require a whole lot of bending over to secure, and I’m set!


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Live and Learn


jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-5Up until about a year ago, I would have described my style as quite colorful.  I loved to wear the rainbow, and often did.  But recently, I have found myself trending towards a bit more of a muted palate.  Basically, my closet is chock-full of neutrals with pops of burgundy and olive and rare sightings of blue and yellow.

The funny thing is I used to think owning every hue meant that I could always find ways to mix and match. However, what ended up happening in reality is nothing really quite went together and I could never find cohesion.  Now that I am a bit more choosey in my color schemes, I find that almost everything goes together perfectly and it is a lot easier to throw together an outfit.

I consider this a valuable lesson learned.  Find your shades and stick with them, then add patterns, textures and accessories accordingly.  Now if only it hadn’t taken me decades to figure this out, I really could have saved myself a lot of frustrating mornings trying to get dressed…not to mention a terrible outfit or two.

jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-6jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-2jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-7jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-11jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-8jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-2jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-9jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-1jeanne-fbc-hm-black-white-melange-knit-sweater-loft-modern-skinny-white-jeans-andie-black-otk-over-the-knee-boots-gray-wool-coat-3Sweater: H&M

Jeans: LOFT

Boots: Sole Society

Coat: H&M (Similar 1Similar 2)