Jess’s October Budget


Forest green skinny pants – Motherhood Maternity

Olive ankle pants – Motherhood Maternity

Pink swing tee – Motherhood Maternity (not pictured)

Pink and white striped henley – Motherhood Maternity

TOTAL: $91


Guys. My mom is the best. I stayed under budget this month for one reason, and one reason only – she took me shopping for new maternity clothes. I ended up buying a few things as well (see above), but between the two of us and just ONE shopping trip, I now have 95% of the clothing I am going to need until this kid is born. And the best part? I LOVE ALL OF IT. I seriously think I like my maternity wardrobe better than my normal wardrobe at this point. I feel cute, confident, profession (when I need to be), and COMFORTABLE in literally everything.

So basically: THANK YOU MOM! You’re the best!

Things still left to acquire: a winter coat (because eventually the XXL fleece I’ve been rocking will stop cutting it), and something ultra-pretty to wear to winter events.


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