Treat Yo Self… Like A Child


When you were little, did you (or your parents) ever lay out your clothes for school the next day in advance? I’m pretty sure mine did. Given how insane school mornings always we for me, it absolutely made sense to streamline those battles efforts as much as possible.

As an adult, though, I love having the freedom to pick whatever suits my mood (and, let’s be real, the weather) when I wake up.

Or rather… I LOVED it, until I realized that I was getting cranky in the AMs because not only did I have to check the weather, I had to re-check my work schedule and my personal calendar every morning to make sure that I was dressed appropriately, and then cross my fingers and pray that the necessary clothing items (jeans for casual days, favorite blazer for a big meeting, etc) were clean when I needed them to be. This was seriously cutting into my grabbing-coffee-before-work time (because, let’s be real, I would never willingly wake up earlier).

I tried reverting to childhood and attempting the laying-out-clothing-the-night-before trick… only to find that it wasn’t much less infuriating, because it didn’t do a whole lot to mitigate the dammit-my-black-blazer-is-dirty-and-I-need-it fiascos (although it did prompt a lot more panicked late night laundry loads). So this week I broke out the big guns: I sat down on Sunday night (after doing what I’m pretty sure scientists would call a metric buttload of laundry), reviewed my work AND personal calendars for the week (as well as checking the weather), and picked out clothing for. the. whole. week.

Yeah that’s right.

I decided on not one, not two, but FIVE WHOLE OUTFITS in advance. I’ll let you know how it goes (will I chuck the whole experiment by Wednesday?), but I have to say, it felt pretty amazing to wake up Monday morning, grab my entire outfit, and head to the shower without having to engage my brain even once.

img_4184 img_4203 img_4220 img_4223

Blazer: Target

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Old Navy

Booties: Target

Necklace: Target (similar)


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