Love The Ones You’re With

jeanne-fbc-old-navy-black-tee-dress-gray-waterfall-draped-vest-hm-patterened-tube-scarf-sole-society-andie-over-the-knee-boots-gold-tassel-earrings-fall-fashion-8Is it just me, or does every change of the season come with new styles, trends and patterns even cuter than the last? There are few things more tempting than walking past a store window filled with gorgeous new items that you just have to have (things that are somehow even more irresistible include chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, a recently added must-watch Netflix series, a book with a female comedian named Tina, Mindy or Amy on the cover, and Reese’s peanut butter cups).

However, this season, I am determined to resist. Not Reese’s, those I will eat like there is no tomorrow. But the sirens call of the seasons must have new trends will have to wait, because I have made a promise to myself to take advantage of those great items I already have.

That’s not to say I am completely immune, I mean I am not a monk (although those robes do look pretty comfy…). But I think it is always a worthwhile endeavor to take stock of what you have rather than keep adding on. That way, you only invest in pieces that you need, rather than multiple things that serve the same purpose. This outfit is a perfect example: the dress and scarf are new, but my “so-last-season” vest and OTK boots seem to be acclimating to Fall 2016 quite nicely. So while I may lust after many a well-dressed mannequin’s style, I am comforted by the fact that those lovely and lust-worthy items I already have will serve me just fine.


jeanne-fbc-old-navy-black-tee-dress-gray-waterfall-draped-vest-hm-patterened-tube-scarf-sole-society-andie-over-the-knee-boots-gold-tassel-earrings-fall-fashionjeanne-fbc-old-navy-black-tee-dress-gray-waterfall-draped-vest-hm-patterened-tube-scarf-sole-society-andie-over-the-knee-boots-gold-tassel-earrings-fall-fashion-4jeanne-fbc-old-navy-black-tee-dress-gray-waterfall-draped-vest-hm-patterened-tube-scarf-sole-society-andie-over-the-knee-boots-gold-tassel-earrings-fall-fashion-3jeanne-fbc-old-navy-black-tee-dress-gray-waterfall-draped-vest-hm-patterened-tube-scarf-sole-society-andie-over-the-knee-boots-gold-tassel-earrings-fall-fashion-1Dress: Old Navy

Vest: Banana Republic Factory (Similar)

Scarf: H&M

Boots: Sole Society

Earrings: Paperdolls Boutique (Similar 1Similar 2)

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